Rosetta Hall

First Bite Menu

Gracia — Cupping Event on Saturday, April 29

Gracia will host a Cupping Event on Saturday, April 29 at 10am. We only have 10 seats available — SOLD OUT. A representative from Ampersand (our local coffee roaster) will be conducting the cupping. People will taste through 4 of their single-origin roasts, our custom blend and their decaf. The event is free. For anyone who cannot attend we will have 2-3 drip coffees available for complimentary tasting.

Not only is Ampersand’s coffee delicious, they are a very conscientious company! Learn more about Ampersand here.

There will be an open coffee tasting from 10am-12pm with the new menu.

Gracia will also be featuring three new summer coffee drinks—E&T (espresso & tonic), Matcha spritz, mazagran— throughout the weekend.

Rooftop Bar — Summer Kickoff on Sunday, April 30

Rosetta Hall will host a rooftop kickoff party on Sunday, April 30 from noon to 8pm with live DJ and summer drink specials. We will also be running those drink specials and seafood specials throughout the weekend. Summer beach vibes drink menu—Brazilian caipirinhas, Caribbean punches and east coast highballs. Food will be oysters on the half shell, lobster roll sliders, and shrimp tostadas.