Pizzeria Alberico

First Bite Menu

Vesuvius Vixen: $14
Mezcal, blanco, apricot, balsamic shrub, citrus.

An ode to Naples, and a great introductory cocktail for new mezcal drinkers. The slight smoky quality of the mezcal balances wonderfully with the bright citrus tones from the blood orange in the shrub and the fresh lime juice; it also reminds one of the still active volcano that is a mere 12 kilometers away from the City. Apricots are one of the most prominent fruiting trees surrounding the volcano, and the combination of all of these ingredients transports one directly to Southern Italy.

“Sip of Sicily” Wine Flight: $22

  • Murgo 2019 Brut Rosé, Mt. Etna, Sicilia
  • Feudo Montoni 2021 ‘Timpa’ Grillo, Cammarata, Sicilia
  • Tenuta di Fessina 2019 ‘Erse’ Etna Rosso

Crisp and refreshing selections from Sicily, perfect for Spring

Slushees for 2: 2 slushees for $14
Frozen Paper Plane
Frozen Negroni Sbagliato